I caught an excellent commercial for Hewlett Packard’s IT services on CNBC the other morning. It opens with a big furry monster breaking into a modern corporate office. The monster is nothing like the friendly Muppets we know. This one is disruptive and is wreaking havoc on the workers.

Voiceover: “IT can grow out of control. Disrupting business and taking on a life of its own. It’s multi-cloud complexity creating friction and slowing innovation.”

The employees look confused and upset. Enter the calm and collected corporate tech guy. With the slightest touch of his index finger, he selects an app on his tablet.

Voiceover: “With software-defined solutions like HPE Onesphere, you contain the IT monster… Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Clouds, apps and insights — faster.”

And poof, the disruptive red monster is no more. The ad closes with a shot of the maintenance man using a leafblower to disperse the monster’s left-behind fur.

The corporate tech guy picks the right IT partner. He saves the day — and the company.

Why this commercial hits the mark

This ad isn’t aimed solely at corporate IT personnel working in the trenches. It is aimed higher and speaks to the corporate executive whose job includes approving massive IT budgets. While execs aren’t required to be super tech-savvy, they know they’re throwing money at pricey stuff that doesn’t always deliver on promises made.

Here’s a bit of speculation: I bet if you were to rewind the process, you’d see that HPE has marketing data showing IT decisions and cybersecurity as the top issues keeping top executives up at night.

This commercial hits the mark because the problem is identifiable, and targets the right audience by running the ad early in the morning on CNBC, long before the opening bell rings at the New York Stock Exchange.

Having good insight into your clients’ pain points (those things that keep them up at night) is the key to making your message identifiable and hitting the mark.  

My colleagues here at Jaffe have written extensively about the importance of knowing your audience:

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