A lot has changed with social media since Facebook made itself accessible to the general public in 2006. This not-so-new form of communication now boasts billions of users worldwide and dozens of platforms. Professional services marketers and publicists should view social media not as some secondary channel, but rather, as a primary medium for two-way communication and distributing information.

While firms that neglected to have a social media plan could get a pass a few years ago, this is not the case today. And let’s be clear — merely having a presence on social media is not a strategy. To remain competitive and operate as a bona fide company, professional services firms must begin to understand the nuances of various social media platforms and implement genuine, measurable strategies that align with relevant business objectives. 

As you contemplate your firm’s social media strategy, here are some insights — along with a few recent platform changes — your firm should consider as we enter a new decade.

LinkedIn: If you’re like most professional services firms, your primary source of business is in the B2B space. While LinkedIn might not be the most-entertaining platform, it is by far and away the leading social network for B2B professionals. The site is a virtual cocktail party for networking and is an excellent resource for recruitment, especially if you wish to tap into the millennial market. By navigating LinkedIn adeptly, professionals can build their reputations as industry experts by sharing relevant information and personal insights. Taken a step further, users can leverage their online reputations to connect with corporate decision-makers and attract verified leads. In 2019, the site added additional features to its Company Pages, including the ability to alert employees about important posts and provide recognition for achievements, which can help boost morale and foster firm culture.

Facebook: Facebook might not be a business-oriented social media platform, but that is what makes it valuable to professional services firms. In 2020, there is growing acceptance that who you are doesn’t have to be left at the door when you enter your workplace. Instead, thanks in part to the widespread presence of millennials in the corporate world, there is a greater emphasis on individuality — and valuing this individuality. For firms wishing to take part in this spirit, there is Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups can be made completely private so that only your employees can join, and they serve as a great way to promote culture-related initiatives, such as team-building activities and celebrations. In 2019, this Facebook feature got a makeover as well as its own feed on the Facebook app.

Twitter: Love it or hate it, Twitter is here to stay, and it has shown itself to be a useful tool for professionals who wish to position themselves by contributing to large, open conversations. While the platform certainly is not without its drawbacks, most notably bots and trolls, it provides instant access to reporters, editors, industry decision-makers, association members and many other important contacts. In 2019, Twitter gave itself a facelift with a major redesign and simplified navigation. Users also now may manage up to five accounts at one time, an ideal feature for multitasking marketers.

How Jaffe Can Help You with Social Media

If your firm lacks a social media strategy, or you believe your strategy could use some updating, Jaffe can help. Our digital strategists can work with you to review and assess your current social media presence to identify untapped opportunities, as well as barriers that prevent your firm from reaching its full potential. We then work with you to identify solutions that fit within your firm’s larger marketing strategy and business objectives. For firms that need assistance with evaluating their social media efforts, we can review your social media metrics to help you benchmark whether you’re meeting your goals. We also provide assistance with social media advertising, including strategy and design.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jaffe’s social media services, contact Melanie Trudeau at mtrudeau@jaffepr.com.