Marketing departments at professional services firms tend to vary in size significantly. On one end of the spectrum, you have your solo and small practices, which often outsource their entire marketing function. On the other end are your industry giants, who have robust marketing departments and multiple outside vendors working in tandem to manage all facets of a marketing strategy, from social media to branding.

Whether you currently have a marketing department or you’re considering building one from the ground up, you will want to identify the type of talent and skills you need for success. To help, here is some guidance, segmented by firm size.

Solo and Small Firms:  If you have any in-house personnel at all, you’re likely to have a one-person marketing machine. This person will have to be a jack of all trades, possessing working knowledge of areas such as website development, content, public and media relations, social media and branding. However, they don’t necessarily need to be an expert in anything. Their role will largely be to vet, secure and manage outside vendors who provide these services. Because of this, they will need exceptional project management skills.

Midsize Firms: You might have the capacity to have a multi-person marketing department. It might not be incredibly large — perhaps only two or three people, with one serving as the leader — but you’ll at least be able to handle some of your marketing needs in-house without outsourcing. You’ll want the head of the department to be experienced in marketing strategy. This person has to understand the value of integrated marketing and possess the vision to see how all the parts come together to support the firm. The other talent can be supportive with skills narrower in scope. For example, one could be a project manager who tracks projects and manages vendors, while the other could handle all of the firm’s social media activity.

Large Firms: Large firms will have the budget to build a robust marketing department with multiple levels of leadership, including a chief marketing officer. Each aspect of the firm’s marketing plan, such as social media, content, SEO, advertising and the firm’s website, may have its own personnel assigned to it. The CMO will establish the marketing strategy for the firm for the year and delegate activities to staff members. The marketing department will rely on outside vendors to handle large-scale projects, such as rebrandings, ad campaigns and website overhauls.

How Can Jaffe Help Your Marketing Department?

No matter the size of your marketing department, Jaffe can help. We’ve worked with firms ranging from solo practitioners to some of the largest in the industry. For small firms, we can act as your in-house marketing department, partnering with you to develop and execute a custom marketing strategy uniquely suited to supporting your business. For midsize firms, we can operate as an extension of your in-house marketing team, providing additional support in specific service areas, such as digital marketing, design and branding, or to provide creative strategy for one-off campaigns. For large firms, we can spearhead large-scale creative projects, like rebrandings and ad campaigns, so your department can concentrate on maintaining day-to-day operations. 

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