When we think of business development, we usually envision a large gathering, like an industry conference, where attendees are tasked with making their own introductions. While this can be the perfect environment for a natural extrovert, those who lean more toward introversion probably shudder at the thought of being forced to talk to strangers. 

Fortunately, networking at in-person events is just one way to conduct business development. There are many avenues to drumming up new business that match a variety of personality types. The key is knowing yourself and understanding how that influences your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, while the extroverted among us might flourish at an industry event, those who are more introverted might do better at a one-on-one lunch with a new contact.

Here are some personality types and the business development tactics that may be best suited for them. If you’d like to read more about business development styles and personality types, check out the article on the topic by Jaffe SVP, Marketing & Business Development, Glennie Green.

The Introvert: Anything that requires gathering in large groups or public speaking might scare off this personality type. A better focus would be to build credentials as a thought leader by publishing articles in prominent industry and legal publications.

The Schmoozer: This is the personality that excels in traditional networking environments. These people should seek out speaking opportunities and conferences to attend so they can make in-person connections that they can either nurture themselves or hand off to others.

The Collaborator: This type of person networks best with the support of others. They are excellent at cross-selling, especially if paired with someone who has a complimentary set of business development skills.

The Scholar: This is a person is an avid digester of information and loves sharing what they learn. They are likely to stay on top of legislative and regulatory changes, as well as industry trends. They’re perfectly suited for speaking opportunities, such as panel discussions, where they can shine.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Your Business Development Skills?

Knowing yourself isn’t always an easy task. It can help to have an outsider assess your personality, strengths and weaknesses. Jaffe’s business development consultants work with lawyers of all experience levels to help them find the networking style that suits them best. We then help craft a roadmap to success, establishing measurable goals and timelines that ensure accountability. We also help identify quality networking opportunities, such as industry events and professional associations. When combined with our media relations services, professionals get the added benefit of building credibility through quotes and bylined articles placed in key publications.

If you’d like to learn more about Jaffe’s business development services, contact Glennie Green at ggreen@jaffepr.com.