There’s more to law firm communications than external messaging. Communicating to internal stakeholders, including lawyers, administrators and business specialists, can play a critical role in a law firm’s success. These are just some of the benefits of a quality internal communications program.

  • Culture development: The way a law firm communicates internally and the degree of its transparency help create the internal culture of the firm. Not paying enough attention to internal communications, especially as more firms operate in a hybrid environment, can cause the firm’s culture to erode.
  • Business development: Despite everyone working for the same firm, it’s not uncommon for attorneys to operate in silos, with attorneys in one practice being unaware of the work being done in other practice areas. This gap can result in losing lucrative opportunities. By establishing processes to communicate work internally and highlight successes, your lawyers can be better equipped to cross-sell each other’s services.
  • Employee morale: Internally broadcasting staff and attorney milestones, such as praise for big wins and accomplishments, as well as announcing birthdays and work anniversaries, can help your personnel feel appreciated. This can deepen connections and even reduce attrition.
  • Recruitment: Some of the best referrals for competitive talent come from within. Using internal communications to announce job openings and remind personnel of referral bonus programs can be a boost to a firm’s recruitment efforts.

How Can Jaffe Help You with Internal Communications?

At Jaffe, we apply our talents as expert communicators to develop and execute internal communications programs that influence culture, uphold morale, and keep attorneys and staff informed of firm developments. Our content strategists can work with you to develop ways to spotlight individual staff members and attorneys, highlight successes firmwide, and enhance cross-selling opportunities. For those looking to implement or revamp an intranet, our digital team can help you develop and design a solution that works for your firm. We also provide onsite internal communications training for managing partners and other firm leadership.

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help your law firm with its internal communications? Contact Terry M. Isner at for more information.