Not too long ago, brands could distance themselves from politically charged topics by avoiding taking a public stance. This made the job a little easier for communications professionals. If brands weren’t expected to comment on controversial subjects, then they didn’t have to painstakingly craft statements that could become ammunition for scorn. 

However, things change. As brands have upped their digital presence and developed personalities via their social media content, and as every individual with a Twitter handle gains access to these brands in a very public forum, an expectation has arisen that companies should have opinions for or against a variety of topics, even if those topics do not directly pertain to the goods or services that a business offers.

Should professional services firms make strongly worded public proclamations? Ultimately, that choice is up to the firm’s leadership. As we saw with BLM, many firms in multiple professional services areas stepped up and made their views known: that diversity is valued and racial inequity must be fought for. But the decision to speak on other topics, such as “defunding” the police — a subject about which ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s issued an impassioned statement — may be less cut and dry.

And should a professional services firm decide to make a public statement, how should it be crafted? What should it say? How should it be said? Where should it be distributed? These are all questions that must be viewed through the lens of a firm’s culture and brand, preferably with the assistance of a seasoned communications expert.

How Can Jaffe Help You Craft a Public Statement?

When it comes to making a public statement on a hot-button issue, it is important for your key points to be written with precision and thoroughly vetted. Jaffe can help your professional services firm express its stance on current events by transforming your values into honest, empathetic and unambiguous messaging. Our experienced public relations professionals can help you craft your key points and share your message through news and industry media, while our digital team can incorporate that message into your website and social media channels.

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