One of the most effective uses of content marketing is to provide substantive information to your audience that provides some sort of value while reflecting your firm’s abilities or expertise. This is often done in the form of a client alert or a blog, which are both good vehicles for content marketing.

But sometimes these typical content marketing media aren’t enough. A topic might require in-depth analysis, or you may want your marketing collateral to have more weight to it to further entice prospects. In these cases, you should consider an eBook.

An eBook could broadly be defined as a piece of content marketing that is digital and multiple pages in length. eBooks usually have a sleek-looking design; ample copy; and charts, graphs, tables and other types of visualizations. Click here to see an example of an eBook Jaffe created for a client.  They also can provide a greater sense of substance than blog posts or short alerts.

Here are some use cases for eBooks:

  • Survey results: Conduct or commission a survey on a topic relevant to your target audience and package the results with accompanying visualizations.
  • In-depth analysis: Take a new regulation or piece of legislation and do a deep dive on it. Provide takeaways to your audience about what they should do (which should include contacting you).
  • “How to” topics: Explain a multistep process or procedure. Think topics like “how to prepare for litigation” or “how to draft an employee handbook.
  • Explaining a service: Explain a unique service your firm offers and its benefits.   

How Can Jaffe Help You Create an eBook?

From conceptualization to content development to design, Jaffe handles every aspect of eBook production. Our content marketing experts collaborate with you to understand your specific need and provide direction on how to best translate that into an eBook format. We then have our content developers work with your subject matter experts to distill key points and messages into copy and visualizations. Finally, our design team gives your eBook a sleek, professional look. We also provide digital strategy consulting to guide you on how to get the greatest return on your eBook investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jaffe’s eBook capabilities, contact Keith Ecker, SVP, Marketing & Branding, at