No one wants to create bland social media posts. You want your name and message to be re-posted and shared by millions. Who doesn’t want to create the next Ice Bucket Challenge, have a Twitter feed as cool as Wendy’s or have more than 29 million followers on Instagram like Adidas?

You can try to cut through the social media fog created by its estimated nearly 3.5 billion users any number of ways. Your post can try to leverage a breaking news event; it could be compelling, funny, useful, helpful, ironic; or you could engage in that social media stock in trade: snark.

Chase bank may have been trying to be helpful and snarky, but went straight to tone deaf with a tweet last week that earned the bank far more negative attention than it could’ve imagined. The tweet was advice from a bank account to a person complaining there wasn’t enough money in it.

Many people didn’t take kindly to sarcastic advice to pinch pennies from a bank that received a $25 billion taxpayer-funded bailout and whose CEO made $31 million last year. After an avalanche of negative reactions, including being Twitter fodder for politicians, Chase pulled the tweet off Twitter.

How can you prevent a bad social media situation, or deal with one if it occurs? Here is some advice.

When it comes to social media posts, you can be creative and swing for the fences — but be careful that you don’t mistakenly break your nose with the bat. Think carefully about how a post may be received by the general public, especially if your attempt at humor may end up being at your own expense.

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