Marketing channels are the avenues where your firm creates demand and generates leads. The more channels, the more pipelines you have for advancing your brand and attaining new clients.

While traditional marketing channels still exist, such as ad placements in print publications, most marketing channels today are digital. These include:

  • Direct traffic to websites and blogs
  • Organic search
  • Organic social media
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising, including search, display and social ads
  • Referral traffic from other websites

The key to maximizing return on your marketing investment is to capitalize strategically on the synergies that arise with multichannel digital marketing. By orchestrating an integrated strategy that taps into each digital marketing channel, you can usher prospects smoothly along the buyer journey, leading them down the sales funnel until they eventually convert into clients.

Creating a multichannel digital marketing strategy requires a few fundamental skills:

  • The ability to map your client journey
  • Expert-level knowledge of the strengths of each digital medium
  • The power to develop exciting, educational and attention-grabbing content
  • A keen eye for seeing the story in your analytics    
  • Patience, because prospects usually have multiple touchpoints with your channels before converting into clients

How Can Jaffe Help You with Multichannel Digital Marketing?

Jaffe understands that creating a multichannel digital marketing strategy can be an enormous undertaking. Many marketers lack the time in their daily schedules required to execute, evaluate and refine a strategy, while firm leadership do not have the knowledge needed to best leverage the many available digital marketing channels.

Our digital marketing consultants are experts in multichannel strategy, content development and analytics. We work with firms to understand their overarching business goals, map their buyer journeys and take inventory of their digital assets to develop multichannel strategies that work. We then assist with execution and evaluation so your digital marketing program can adapt and conform to buyer behavior and industry trends.

For more information about our multichannel digital marketing capabilities, please contact Keith Ecker at