Lawyers do an excellent job of practicing law. Yet, many find managing law firm operations a challenge. The fault cannot be pinned completely on lawyers. Law schools do little to prepare attorneys for an occupation that demands an entrepreneurial spirit, and many lawyers rely solely on the legal industry’s long-held traditions, many of which are not aligned with today’s best business practices.

What results is a law firm that lacks effective management, a guiding business strategy, innovations in services and service delivery, competitive pricing structures, effective marketing campaigns, high-quality client service, and other attributes that are the norm for businesses in other industries.

This is not to say that law firms cannot succeed by sticking with the status quo. In fact, many have, and many will continue to thrive. But today’s consumers of legal services are increasingly demanding their law firms operate in ways more akin to other businesses by providing more value, transparency and accountability. A firm that fails to conform in the coming years is likely to see its slice of the market dwindle.

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How Can Jaffe Help You Run Your Law Firm?

In addition to our innovative marketing and public relations consulting, Jaffe provides custom business and managerial guidance to help your law firm operate more effectively and efficiently. Our agency has decades of experience in serving as trusted advisors to law firm management. Our staff of skilled consultants includes former chief marketing officers who have direct experience in working with the highest levels of executive leadership.

We not only excel at expressing the value that your firm already provides to its clients; we also help to identify new opportunities to provide value, such as innovations in service delivery, client engagement and billing. Jaffe also advises on firm governance issues, including management structure, multi-generational recruiting and succession planning.  

To learn more about Jaffe’s leadership and management consulting services, contact Terry M. Isner, President, Marketing & Business Development at, for more information.