Your law firm’s website is its marketing hub, which is why it’s important to conduct thorough due diligence when selecting a web developer. Ideally, you’ll partner with a vendor who has your law firm’s best interests in mind. Unfortunately, some web developers are out to hold you hostage.  

Ask a law firm that has built a website using a vendor’s proprietary content management system (CMS), and you will often hear a horror story or two. When it comes to website fixes or updates, these firms end up handcuffed to their vendors, who are the only ones with access to their system. Furthermore, because there is a lack of competition, these vendors are able to raise their prices beyond standard rates, sometimes gouging firms for fixes that would normally cost significantly less.

With so many open source web development platforms available, including time-tested systems like Drupal and WordPress, there is no reason not to build your website on an open source platform. Customizations are limitless, and switching vendors is relatively easy. That means you can get the site you want at a competitive price.

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How can Jaffe help you build your website?

At Jaffe, our priority is building you a law firm website that works for you. Our experienced web developers collaborate with you to explain the platform options so you can make an informed decision that fulfills your business and marketing objectives.

Once we build your website, we can either train your personnel in how to operate the CMS or manage website updates ourselves on behalf of your firm. Because we are a full-service agency, you also can receive the benefits of expert content strategy, creative design, SEO consulting and analytics reports.

Want to learn more about how Jaffe can help you with website development and CMS selection? Contact Melanie Trudeau at for more information.