July 6, 2023

Terry Isner was a guest on The Recruitment Show with Lewis Maleh, discussing how companies win by embracing remote work, providing their employees the freedom and flexibility to work when and where they are the most productive. Terry discussed his experience as one of the owners of Jaffe and some of the things he has learned over the years managing a remote workforce, noting that the routine that works best will be different for everyone.... Read More

June 23, 2023

Chris Moyer moderated two weekly sessions during LMA’s 2023 28-day Social Media Challenge, designed to help participants understand the most pressing challenges and opportunities faced by social media marketers. Chris led discussions on the state of social media platforms and misinformation.

June 20, 2023

Terry Isner was a guest on the Association of Legal Administrators podcast, Legal Management Talk, discussing how creating diverse and inclusive cultures can put a firm ahead of its competitors in recruitment and business development. Terry discussed his experience as a gay man in the legal industry and how crucial it is that companies allow their employees to bring their whole selves to work.

June 16, 2023

Vivian Hood, Owner/CEO, Public Relations, explores the wild frontier of the metaverse in her article in the June 2023 issue of Marketing the Law Firm. She introduces key terms that digital pioneers need to know, how law firms are establishing offices in LawCity, as well as exciting opportunities and new technologies that law firms need to understand to support clients entering this new space.

To read the article, click... Read More

May 22, 2023

On May 17, 2023, Jaffe’s Carlos Arcos was one of the presenters in an LMA webinar about “Do You Need an Outside PR Firm? How and When to Spend Money on Outside Consultants.”

The webinar will discussed how PR and communications professionals at large and small firms and agencies decide if and when their firms should consider engaging an agency, how firms and agencies collaborate, the types of engagements possible, and how working with... Read More

April 27, 2023

Terry Isner appeared as a guest on the Revenue Marketing Report with Camela Thompson discussing how companies can lead during an economic downturn. Terry and Camela discussed workplace culture and the tremendous opportunity that is available when individuals and companies are willing to adapt to change.

Terry pointed out that overcoming the fear of change is essential and proposed that those who adapt to change will be the winners in... Read More

April 18, 2023

Jaffe, the full-service marketing, branding and PR agency for the legal industry, is proud to announce that Vivian Hood, Owner/CEO, Public Relations, and Terry M. Isner, Owner/CEO, Branding & Business Development, have again been named to Lawdragon’s 2023 “... Read More

March 17, 2023

Steph Maher, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Social Media, writes on several ways to make meaningful change in a firm’s DEI efforts, including leadership involvement, a holistic approach for finding solutions and authentic education.

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March 15, 2023

Terry M. Isner sat down with Mo Bunnell for a discussion on the importance of focusing on humanity when building business relationships. In the episode, Terry talks about the necessity of boardrooms changing how they think and act today and he encouraged companies to move away from the model that was developed... Read More