Jay M. Jaffe, president and CEO of Jaffe PR, will be part of a three-person panel discussing the rise of digital defamation and what can be done to combat it at a Hartford County Bar meeting on April 11, 2012 at the Hartford Club in Hartford, Connecticut.

Joining Jaffe on the panel will be Rick Ovelmen, Esq., partner at Jorden Burt LLP, and Brent Fanson, senior director, Advanced Client Solutions, at Reputation.com. Moderating will be Diane Duhaime, Esq., of Jorden Burt LLP, who is co-chair of the HCBA Technology and Intellectual Property Committee of Hartford, Connecticut.

The topic is a timely one as the Internet has become rife with defamation and slander, due in large part to the popularity of social media. The panel will discuss what acts rise to the level of defamation, and whether standards differ for attorneys, government officials, corporate executives and corporations. The panel will also look at whether defendants can use the First Amendment and/or Communications Decency Act to shield themselves.

Other discussion topics will include:

  • What tools are available for managing your online public reputation?
  • What steps can law firms and their clients take to minimize the potential of becoming the subject of defamatory postings? What steps can be taken to minimize the number of people viewing such postings?
  • What steps should be taken if legal action against the defamer is not feasible?
  • What if the defamatory content is posted in a foreign jurisdiction?
  • How can you minimize the risk of being sued over Web content in a foreign jurisdiction?

Dinner and a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar worth two CLE credits will accompany the panel discussion.

To register for the meeting or to learn more, visit the Hartford County Bar Association website.