Jaffe, the legal industry’s full-service PR and marketing agency, is pleased to announce that the National Law Journal’s 2014 “Best of Chicago” supplement ranks Jaffe in first place in the categories of “Public Relations Firm,” “Crisis Management Firm” and “Legal Marketing & Branding Firm.” The annual survey also recognizes Jaffe as one of the top three agencies in the categories of “Law Firm Website Design,” “Social Media Consultant” and “Lawyers/Law Firm Business Development & Coaching.” 

“Chicago is one of the most competitive legal markets in the country, and is one where we have worked for a long time,” said Vivian Hood, President of Public Relations for Jaffe. “It’s an honor that the legal community recognizes our services and trusts us.”

“To rank so highly across this many categories is quite an achievement,” said Terry M. Isner, Jaffe’s President of Marketing and Business Development. “It reflects well on our abilities to provide law firms with a full range of services, from creative and content marketing to business development and public relations.”

Jaffe’s high marks on the survey come shortly after the company’s management assumed ownership of the veteran agency on June 30.

“This is a great start to our roles as owners of the company,” said Melinda Wheeler, Jaffe’s President of Finance and Operations. “We are proud of what we’ve accomplished for our clients and look forward to continuing to provide our strategic consulting to the Chicago marketplace and beyond.” 

To compile the annual rankings, the National Law Journal solicits its readership for its opinion of the best service providers in Chicago. Only legitimate end-users from the Chicago-area U.S. legal community (attorneys and law students, paralegals, legal assistants, etc.) are allowed to vote. Ballots cast by non-legitimate end-users are disqualified and eliminated from the ­final tally. 

About Jaffe

Jaffe is the legal industry’s full-service marketing and public relations agency. Devoted solely to law firms, legal vendors and legal associations, the agency is a recipient of a Ragan and PR Daily 2013 Ace Agency Award and a 2014 and 2013 Legal Marketing Association Your Honor Award and was named by the National Law Journal as the industry’s Best Social Media Consultant in 2012 and 2013 and a Top Social Media, PR and Business Development Consultant in 2014. Jaffe prides itself on its exceptional client service and its comprehensive service offerings, including media relationslegal marketing and business developmentcreative servicescontent marketingsearch engine optimization, and rankings assistance. With experienced consultants throughout the country and in Canada, the agency operates through a unique virtual office environment. For further information, visit: http://www.jaffepr.com