On May 17, 2023, Jaffe’s Carlos Arcos was one of the presenters in an LMA webinar about “Do You Need an Outside PR Firm? How and When to Spend Money on Outside Consultants.”

The webinar will discussed how PR and communications professionals at large and small firms and agencies decide if and when their firms should consider engaging an agency, how firms and agencies collaborate, the types of engagements possible, and how working with consultants can maximize firm budgets.

Moderated by Brook Redmond, Baker Donelson, the panel included communications professionals in the legal industry: Carlos Arcos, Jaffe; Johanna Burkett, Baker Donelson; Raven Hicks, Teague Campbell; and Debra Pickett, Page 2 Communications. The panel discussed how law firms of all sizes respond to the challenges of developing relationships with members of the media, translating complex legal issues into consumable nuggets, placing articles and getting attorneys quoted in coveted media publications, submitting winning award and ranking submissions, and always “making a splash.”