On February 26, Terry M. Isner, CEO/Owner, Marketing and Branding at Jaffe, will present his popular program “Humanity Isn’t a Trend: It’s the Key to Digital Marketing and Branding Success” to the LMA Michigan Local Group in Detroit.

Terry believes emotion is the next big thing in digital marketing, so it’s time to share your lawyer’s human side of genius. People want to hear from people, connect with people, collaborate and share with other like-minded people. This means we need to humanize our marketing and branding efforts because an emotional connection is where brand loyalty begins. No matter what form of technology we use, the person on the other end is always looking for something … and more than likely, they’re looking for your help.

Terry’s program looks at how the technology revolution has moved legal marketers from crafting slogans and selling to telling stories and providing self-expression, and why it’s forcing us to humanize legal marketing and make it more empathetic. Technology has not only changed the branding and marketing game — it has improved that game by fostering an emotional connection with audiences and communities. Terry will demonstrate how to win the game by rethinking and reimagining the use of email, blogs, websites and social media with a human-first approach.


  • Understand how human nature and emotional connections are driving the way we market today.
  • Identify the human characteristics that we must apply to our content and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Review and rethink the different forms of technology and digital tools, and how we should use them in a human-first marketing strategy.
  • Understand how technology creates a brand culture of sharing and engaging.

For more information and to register for the program, click here