Law360 Pulse quoted Terry M. Isner in an article discussing how more and more law firms are dropping multiple names from their brand in favor of a single name.

Isner, an owner of Jaffe, said he’s been advising law firm leaders for many years that one-and two-word names are far better for marketing than the traditional brands that are made up of a long list of surnames.

"Why more firms have not recognized this is purely based on ego and old-school generational thinking," Isner said. "Other than to the name partners being listed, it means nothing to the outside world, including their clients."

Isner added that in many cases, the external world is likely already referring to most firms by shorter names.

"It's easy to remember and refer to, allows for more stylized and unique logo and brand designs, stands out and is more readable on marketing materials, helps give the firm personality and ... it's going to happen, so why not manage and own it?" Isner said.

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