Washington, D.C. – June 30, 2014 – Jaffe is pleased to announce the agency is under the new ownership of Vivian Hood, Terry M. Isner and Melinda Wheeler, who assume the positions as presidents of the 35 year-old award-winning law firm marketing and public relations agency following the acquisition and purchase of Jaffe Associates, Inc. from the estate of Jay M. Jaffe.

The new company shall remain named Jaffe Associates (“Jaffe”). The trio has been responsible for leading the daily operations and managing the business of the agency since the death of the agency’s founder and CEO, Jay M. Jaffe, on November 21, 2012.

Vivian Hood, President, Public Relations, manages the relationships between Jaffe’s staff and clients. She has worked at Jaffe for more than 17 years, managing and implementing effective senior-level legal PR campaigns for law firm clients. She has served in an executive leadership position with Jaffe for three years.

Terry M. Isner, President, Marketing and Business Development, has more than 12 years of experience with Jaffe in an executive leadership position, serving as a business and marketing strategist and Creative Director for Jaffe and Jaffe’s clients.

Melinda Wheeler, President, Finance and Operations, has administered the agency’s finances and managed the business operations for Jaffe in an executive leadership position for more than eight years.

“It’s a privilege to honor the legacy that established us as the legal industry’s full-service PR and marketing agency. Our priority is to continue providing high-quality legal PR and law firm marketing services to our clients. Our long history with Jaffe has given us a deep understanding of the principles that guided us in the past as we look to the future,” said Hood.

“Jaffe is known for helping law firms adapt to the changes in the legal industry and we look forward to helping lead our clients through their business challenges for many more years now. The opportunities that exist for law firms to advance their public reputations are limited only by their own boundaries, and we are here to help knock down those walls,” said Isner.

“Our executive leadership reflects the diversity, widespread geography and philosophy of Jaffe overall: we three are based in Florida, Delaware and Colorado, and we strongly encourage a work-life balance among our agency, whether riding horses, creating art, parenting, surfing or skiing. This is a lifestyle agency, and we are proud to embody the spirit that has allowed us to flourish as a virtual company,” said Wheeler.