Terry M. Isner, CEO/Owner, Marketing and Branding is scheduled to present “Humanity isn’t a Trend: It’s the Key to Digital Marketing and Branding Success” at the LMA Southeast Pre-Conference on Wednesday, September 26.

On the following day, Nancy Slome, Jaffe’s VP of Content Strategy, will be a co-presenter on “Does Your Website Spark Joy for Your Clients?”

Terry’s program looks at how the technology revolution has moved legal marketers from slogans and selling to stories and self-expression, and why it’s forcing us to humanize legal marketing and make it more empathetic. Technology has not only changed the branding and marketing game, but has improved that game by fostering an emotional connection with audiences and communities. Terry will show us how to win the game by rethinking and reimagining the use of email, blogs, websites and social media with a human-first, always, approach. To learn more, select “Track 3.”

Nancy’s session is a behind-the-scenes look at how one AmLaw 100 firm decluttered its new site. By starting with soliciting client input, the firm developed a mobile-first strategy and then implemented a set of guidelines (fully supported by firm management) that translated into easy-to-digest web content aimed at meeting the needs of their time-challenged clients and prospects. The result? A beautifully designed, well-written and technologically sophisticated law firm website, which also garnered an LMA Your Honor Award in 2018. To learn more, select “Breakout Session 2.”