In nearly every industry, social media has firmly established itself as one of the top marketing innovations of the last decade. Hundreds of millions of individuals and organizations actively use networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to deliver information, hone their reputations and engage with the world. Some have even found creative ways to successfully leverage sites like Instagram, Vine and Pinterest. However, at the same time, many law firms have struggled to incorporate social media into their marketing programs.

In an effort to continue to educate legal marketers and administrators on practical and creative ways to use social media, Terry M. Isner, Jaffe's President of Marketing & Business Development, recently presented an Association of Legal Administrators chapter meeting in Orange County, Calif. The event took place on Sept. 30 and provided insights on how others in the B2B space are successfully using social media to drive awareness and sales in their industries, how to measure the value of social media, and how to convince upper management that investing in social media is no longer a choice but a necessity for law firms, among other topics.