Terry M. Isner, President Marketing and Business Development, will be joining with the chief marketing officer of Freeborn & Peters LLP, Ian Turvill, to deliver a presentation to the Legal Marketing Association Philadelphia Chapter on Sept. 15.

The program is titled, "Who Are You Really? Getting to the Heart of Your Law Firm Brand," and will discuss the various components that make up a law firm's brand. In particular, the speakers will discuss law firm branding and explore what really matters when it comes to promoting a professional services brand. The session will focus on a real law firm experience in identifying core values and brand promises, and how to align them with a visual identity that is easily recognizable.

Takeaways include:

  • Developing the bedrock of your brand by evaluating your law firm’s culture and values.
  • Effectively conveying your brand through visuals and voice.
  • Strategizing and creating content and experiences that reflect your brand.