Ada Kase

Content Writer

Why I Love My Job
I love learning something new every day. In an alternate universe, I’m an appellate attorney.

Professionally Speaking

Six years writing municipal finance news, coupled with a decade of freelance journalism and content writing for financial technology startups, primed Ada for writing about law and lawyers. Finance journalism meant reading and writing about legal opinions, complaints, trustee disclosures, financial statements, regulatory filings and contracts. As a freelancer, Ada has also published in outlets including BBC, Vice, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly Weekly and more.

Ada knows how to write a good story. Every lawyer is human, and every case has a human element. Law can be fascinating beyond procedures and boilerplate marketing cliches. When Ada writes rankings submissions, she shows who an attorney is and where the attorney is coming from, and translates onto the page the passion that comes through during an interview.

Speaking of translation, the legal profession has its own language. Ada’s biggest strength lies in understanding often-complicated legal issues and translating them into something readable for an audience of laypeople — a law firm’s prospective and current clients, or rankings reviewers.


Muni Bond Primer for Researchers,” Philly Power Research, April 2018

Favorite Interests

Meditation, podcasting, hiking, canoeing, cooking, spending time with family and friends, gardening, traveling.

Personally Speaking

Ada loves communications on and off the clock. For fun, she produces a podcast giving advice about life’s problems from a Buddhist perspective. She’s an avid Buddhist practitioner, and she meditates daily and takes retreats when she can. She also loves taking walks in nature with her husband and son. She loves gardening and horticulture, too. When she has time, Ada likes to paint old furniture in a mix of folk Eastern European and Mexican styles. Her husband jokes that she’s a wholesome person.