Alan E. Singles

Vice President
Marketing & Graphic Services

Why I Love My Job
I get to work with an extremely creative group of people in a flexible lifestyle environment, allowing both personal and professional growth.

Professionally Speaking

Alan has extensive marketing experience in the professional services and healthcare industries, holding senior and managerial positions. As the manager of graphic services for one of the 200 largest law firms in the country, he led the development and creation of all the print and digital materials used to promote the firm’s internal and external marketing efforts.

As a senior graphic designer in a regional healthcare and education system, Alan was part of the team that created the university’s brand for promotional materials, helped launch a systemwide newspaper and was involved in implementing various name changes in the system over a number of years.

Alan’s creative background, along with his technical knowledge of design and production, covers the full spectrum of services that are essential to complete all types of creative projects in the graphics and marketing service areas.

Favorite Interests

Travelling locally and abroad, visiting national parks, walking and being outdoors, reading, and enjoying limited family time as the children get older

Personally Speaking

Alan is inspired by the visuals that surround him every day. Design is everywhere, and he can’t help but filter his environment through his design-oriented mind and take mental notes of what he sees around him. Staying on top of current design trends is part of his nature, and he uses that inspiration in both his personal and professional life. His design abilities go beyond marketing and spill into his personal life every time he undertakes home improvements and interior design, which requires mixing colors, textures and design elements.

When Alan is not taking in the influence of design, he can be found relaxing outdoors with his wife and kids, traveling to new places, and soaking in the local environment. He rarely vacations in the same place twice; there is just too much to see locally and abroad.