Chris Moyer

Vice President
Marketing & Social Media

Why I Love My Job
I love helping clients adapt to change in a constantly changing world.

Professionally Speaking

Chris believes challenging law firm status quo is critical to the long-term success of firms. In an era of market disrupters, he keeps an old Blackberry on his desk as a constant reminder that doing things “the way they have always been done” results in obsolescence. Chris helps clients think outside the box in tackling new challenges and determining the best paths forward.

A clear and concise writer, Chris is passionate about helping others use LinkedIn to build their network and establish their niche. He is a strong believer in the value of positive client experience and believes firms leave much on the table by not doing a better job of gathering feedback from existing clients.

Chris became a legal marketer by accident. An early career layoff led him to a job as an office services and facilities assistant at a law firm. There, he had the opportunity to take on extra projects and discovered a love for legal marketing. It’s the work he’s done ever since.

Favorite Interests

My non-work interests feature church involvement, serving others, family time, most things outdoors (including walks with our rescue dog), board games and DIY home improvement projects.

Personally Speaking

A self-pronounced checklist junkie, Chris is obsessed with maximizing his days. In every aspect of life, he challenges himself to grow continually and be the best he can be.

Chris is happiest when serving others, whether helping someone with a home improvement project, volunteering for a local nonprofit or doing work for a client. To relax, one of his favorite activities is hiking in the wilderness. His all-time favorite hike to date took place with his family at Watkins Glen State Park in 2021. Recognizing every hike can’t be a favorite, though, he can often be found hiking in the park near home.