Chief Change Officer

Why I Love My Job
I help inspire law firms, legal organizations and legal industry vendors adapt to change by combining creativity, quality storytelling and business strategy.

Professionally Speaking

As Jaffe’s mascot, Darwin gets to be the face of one of the leading legal marketing and PR agencies in the country. Every day, he works among creative and strategic consultants who draw on their varied skills in public relations, marketing, business development, content and social media to develop and execute integrated marketing plans that push clients toward their business goals.

As a chameleon, he knows a thing or two about adapting to change. In fact, his namesake, Darwin, was all about understanding the concepts of evolution and adaptation. Darwin believes that natural selection isn’t just something we see in nature — it’s a force that we see at play within the legal industry as well. As the business environment undergoes transformation, law firms must adapt to remain competitive. He uses his knowledge and experience to help them remain at the top of the food chain, so to speak, so they can continue to thrive.

Like other chameleons, Darwin’s eyes rotate 360 degrees. This helps him see the world from every perspective, which is a helpful skill to have when you’re assessing a market, conducting brand discoveries and coming up with innovative solutions.

Favorite Interests

Changing colors, climbing trees, grasping things with my tail, eating bugs

Personally Speaking

When Darwin isn’t serving as the face of Jaffe, he can be found relaxing in his favorite tree and catching flies with his prehensile tongue. As an aficionado of color and creativity, he enjoys visiting art museums for inspiration.