Evyan O'Keefe

Senior Vice President
Marketing, Business Development
& Rankings

Why I Love My Job
I am passionate about connecting with people and helping them create successful business development initiatives that highlight strengths, skills and experience while enhancing connections and thought leadership.

Professionally Speaking

At Jaffe, Evyan works one-on-one with firms and their professionals through planning, execution and follow-up to build marketing and business development plans that are realistic and measurable. Evyan’s approach is tailored and hands-on and she focuses on getting to know each of her clients and their firms so she can create specific and achievable business development and marketing goals.

As manager of Jaffe’s RankingsForLawyers® programs, Evyan helps clients navigate through the thousands of awards available for individuals, firms and practices within professional services. She works with firms to develop and implement manageable and successful rankings programs and assists with preparing well-constructed nominations that can be repurposed for use in other integrated marketing, business development and public relations initiatives. Evyan understands the complex dynamics of customizing efforts to fit within not just the firm, but also in a practice area and for individuals.

Before joining Jaffe, Evyan spent the majority of her career working in-house at mid-sized law firms in New York, Chicago and Atlanta, working on strategic business development and marketing plans and initiatives. Her experience allows her to recognize that every professional, firm, practice area and market is different, so she prioritizes understanding and highlighting strengths to integrate marketing efforts that create thought leadership within the professional services industry.


"Goal Setting for the New Year and the Development of an Achievable Business Plan”
In-house law firm seminar, January 2020

Favorite Interests

Spending time with my husband and two young children, my two dogs, spinning and practicing yoga, cooking, traveling, cheering on the Chicago Cubs & Auburn Tigers

Personally Speaking

Evyan loves to connect with people and create lasting memories through communication and experiences.

When she is not putting that to work for her clients, she is the go-to planner and host for her family and friends. Always the organizer, Evyan spends her time outside work trying to coordinate as many fun activities as possible for her family and friends. Whether that’s an exciting outing with her husband and kids, hosting a get-together with family and friends, researching her family’s next trip, or simply wandering around Chicago on a nice day, she is always trying to come up with interesting things to do.