Jennifer Faivre

CRM & Rankings Researcher

Why I Love My Job
I love working with the creative and intelligent team at Jaffe while having the flexibility to be a full-time mom to my two kids.

Professionally Speaking

Jennifer Faivre’s organizational and multitasking abilities have been her key to success in managing multiple projects for Jaffe and our clients since 2010, and as a former academic administrator and the mother of a young family. As a project manager for key client assignments, she adds value and efficiency by making sure that project objectives are met and delivered on time and within budget. Whether it’s a bio re-write project or a complete law firm website overhaul, Jen keeps the Jaffe team and our clients informed about all of the moving pieces. With a broad knowledge of law firm Internet marketing, she also produces the Jaffe Newsstand, manages our numerous lists and databases, and supports our public relations strategists by overseeing media research for our clients.

Favorite Interests

Hiking and cross-country skiing with my golden retriever, downhill skiing with my kids and husband, watching my kids play soccer, cooking, reading, traveling

Personally Speaking

Jen lives in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, where she savors every opportunity to enjoy the crisp air and serene surroundings with her husband, children and golden retriever. A creative thinker inside and outside the workplace, Jen finds inspiration from reading a great book, eating a delicious meal and watching her kids learn something new.