Judi Orenstein

Research Coordinator

Why I Love My Job
I love challenges, and keeping the Jaffe database up to date is a definite challenge! It allows me to constantly learn and talk to interesting people.

Professionally Speaking

Gathering and collecting data is Judi’s sweet spot, and she has used these skills to manage and interpret data throughout her professional marketing, research and sales career. Jaffe relies on Judi to apply those critical talents to ensure that our own CRM database is current in the constantly changing legal industry.

Judi has mastered the ability to engage people from all walks of life and her talent for connecting with people and encouraging them to open up is the stuff of legend. Her knack for understanding and making personal connections has served her clients well, as evidenced through her many years of experience in conducting executive interviews and other telephone, in-store and intercept interviewing; preparing and analyzing surveys; and managing focus groups. In addition to the legal industry, Judi has represented clients in the health care, beauty and pharmaceutical industries.

I can help you...

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Favorite Interests

Spending time with my 10 grandchildren, golfing, bowling, traveling and fundraising for cancer research.

Personally Speaking

Always active, Judi enjoys the lifestyle that South Florida offers. When she isn’t golfing, bowling or playing cards with her friends, Judi travels the globe with her husband, visits and spends time with her family, and appreciates art.