Keith Ecker

Senior Vice President
Marketing & Branding

Why I Love My Job
I’m analytical with a flair for the creative. I love that I get to use both of these traits to bring out the best in firms.

Professionally Speaking

With more than 15 years of legal industry experience, Keith Ecker knows what motivates law firm prospects to become law firm clients. He uses data-driven strategies infused with creative ideation to develop campaigns that increase demand, attract quality leads and retain existing business. His approach is an integrated one. He helps clients tap into the unique power of each marketing channel, including websites and blogs, digital advertising, social media and email, to distribute content that educates, excites and resonates deeply with target audiences.

Keith also guides firms to discover their brand stories and crafts compelling narratives that differentiate them from their competition. He digs deep to understand firm culture, marketplace perceptions, public reputation and audience personas to develop authentic brand identifiers, positioning statements, core values and key messages. He also assesses firm marketing collateral to ensure brand consistency.

Keith has a lengthy track record of assisting legal vendors in marketing their brands, products and services to the legal industry. He has helped legal technology companies, both large and small, increase top-of-funnel awareness of product lines and drive sales through lead generation tactics. He is especially skilled at conceiving and executing content-driven campaigns that speak to the unique pain points that lawyers and law firms experience.

Favorite Interests

Volunteering in the community as a Registered Nurse, playing video games, hitting the gym and hanging out on the couch with my chihuahuas.

Personally Speaking

Keith has a hard time sitting still. In 2018, he stepped away from legal marketing to pursue an education in nursing. He continues to have a strong interest in public health and volunteers in the community as a Registered Nurse. He is also an award-winning writer and formerly produced an audio drama for Chicago’s NPR affiliate.