Kristen Dallman

Senior Vice President
Marketing & Client Experience

Why I Love My Job
I love being surrounded by a talented team all working toward the common goal of solving our clients’ unique challenges in a creative and collaborative environment.

Professionally Speaking

For more than 15 years, Kristen has been helping professional service firms strategize and execute their marketing and communication initiatives. Her robust experience includes portfolio marketing in the legal, accounting, consulting and public safety industries. Kristen is a customer-obsessed, strategic thinker who is dedicated to delivering effective marketing programs.

As a Senior Vice President of Marketing & Client Experience with Jaffe, Kristen combines her passion for creative storytelling with a mix of analytics and the ability to translate customer pain points into compelling content. Her deep understanding of customer experience and satisfaction helps firms identify reasons for churn while establishing methodologies to increase client loyalty and retention.

Kristen’s marketing experience includes more than five years as a litigation marketer with an AmLaw 100 firm. She has a talent for distilling overall firm business goals into a sound marketing strategy. Kristen is also passionate about supporting and advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. As an experienced business resource group leader, she can help firms develop their DEI strategies and frameworks for establishing employee/business affinity groups.

Favorite Interests

Spending time with my husband and our two children, enjoying great food and wine, traveling, playing tennis, doing Cricut crafts, and volunteering.

Personally Speaking

Kristen’s specialty is herding. Whether it’s cats, kids, ideas or marketing plans, you name it; she will coordinate it. She is creative, discerning and ruthless when it comes to successfully completing a project. At work, Kristen exemplifies these traits in her marketing strategies, diversity projects and customer experience engagements. At home, Kristen applies these skills when playing with her kids, planning family activities, leading the local Girl Scout troop and volunteering with the PTA.  

Kristen is inspired every day by her kids and their robust imaginations. The ability to have both a fulfilling career and precious time to spend with family is the reason she joined Jaffe.