Lisa Altman

Senior Vice President
Public Relations

Why I Love My Job
It’s important to me to have a fulfilling career as well as to be present for my family, and Jaffe affords me the opportunity to do both.

Professionally Speaking

When it comes to managing public relations, it’s not just what you know; it’s who you know. Just ask Lisa. She has spent more than two decades mastering the art of strategic public relations, allowing her to orchestrate sophisticated media relations campaigns and promote compelling stories that earn substantial results for her clients. At the same time, she’s cultivated a vast network of local and national businesses, legal and trade reporters, editors, and publishers who know she’s accessible and can be relied upon for insightful, focused story ideas. She’s also on her clients’ “first-to-call” list in the event of a crisis, and is always ready to provide counsel and support both internally and externally. By themselves, Lisa’s extraordinary public relations expertise and extensive connections are invaluable resources for any law firm. When you put them together, you get an unrivaled strategic communications powerhouse.

Before joining Jaffe, Lisa led public relations and community outreach for Comcast in the Washington, D.C., metro area, where she managed all day-to-day internal and external communications for the Fortune 50 company. As the primary spokesperson for Comcast in the Washington area, Lisa earned a reputation as a steadfast, well-informed, articulate and trusted source to key media, both locally and nationally. It was Lisa’s calm, take-charge style that leadership relied on during crisis situations, where she guided highly visible executives to deliver on-point messaging.

Favorite Interests

Running, hiking, biking, practicing yoga, going to the beach, spending time with my husband and two children, anything produced by Andy Cohen/Bravo (“Real Housewives” is my guilty pleasure)

Personally Speaking

When Lisa isn’t running at full steam for her clients, she stays active by jogging, practicing yoga and playing with her two children. Sticking to her motto of living and leading by example, Lisa is showing her kids they won’t have to choose between career and family. The secret, as Lisa will tell you, is to take everything in moderation, find a healthy balance and ask others for help when it’s needed.

When her family isn’t busy with soccer games and play dates, Lisa is planning family adventures. From exploring the Delaware shore (their favorite place) and Outer Banks to hiking the Rocky Mountains and kayaking the rivers of Northern Michigan to stargazing in Los Angeles, Lisa is all about living life to the fullest and making each day count. It’s her passion and energy that represent Lisa’s personal brand and that her clients gravitate toward. And ultimately, it’s her drive that she wants to impart to her family.