Liz Bard Lindley

Senior Vice President
Public Relations & Marketing

Why I Love My Job
As a trusted advisor, I love developing strategic public relations programs that position my clients as to the go-to sources for their knowledge.

Professionally Speaking

Liz has been working with professional services firms throughout her career, with a focus on strategic public relations campaigns that truly support business development. Sure, she has faced skeptical clients along the way who are wary of PR, but she always earns their trust in the PR process by showing them exactly how she gets results. She values her relationships with partners and marketing executives and helps everyone work together to attain the shared goal of generating and maintaining brand awareness.

Liz’s path into PR had its twists and turns; after studying English and creative writing at the University of Virginia, she earned her JD at Emory Law School. Moving back to the metro NY area, she joined a matrimonial boutique firm as a litigator, but after three years of practice, became excited about how clients found the law firm. Through a mixture of bylined articles in publications, quotes in outlets that reached the target audience and speaking engagements, she saw a side of law that law school had not shown her.

Her next stop was NYU, where she studied under the extraordinary Deborah Brightman Farone, learning how to do professional services marketing. She was hired at a global PR agency in New York City to represent law firms, consulting firms and law schools with strategic public relations campaigns, and proceeded to earn top-tier placements in business and trade publications that positioned her clients as the go-to resources for their knowledge and insights.

Liz then led a PR group at Kaplan, Inc. in its launch of a first-of-its-kind, fully online law school, where she successfully promoted the institution’s mission and accomplishments in the media.

In 2002, Liz joined Jaffe as Director of Client Services, working with global and national law firms for eight years. She then took an agency position doing crisis work, SWOT analyses, and integrated B2B and consumer campaigns for well-known pet brands and veterinary clinics and associations. This position coincided with the addition of Daisy to the family (see photo).

Liz returned to Jaffe in 2017 as a Senior Vice President to once again apply her blend of experiences and strategic thinking to accounting and law firms. She still loves talking to reporters about, and earning media hits for, her clients, and encourages her clients to make the most of every media placement by leveraging the news on social media, within the organization itself, and in all marketing materials and website content.  

Favorite Interests

Writing, reading memoirs, Pilates, being a soccer/dance mom, Broadway, Netflix and Hulu binges

Personally Speaking

Liz strikes up strong relationships with her clients because she truly wants to see them succeed and grow. With her experience as a practicing lawyer, she is keenly aware of the workload of and pressures on professional service providers. She educates accountants and lawyers about PR, asks them for raw information about legislation or trends in accounting or law, and then asks them to go back to what they do best so she can get started on earning results.

Liz is an avid reader of memoirs as well as management books, always wanting to learn more and apply newfound information to her work. A newshound as well, she follows reporters and their coverage throughout all types of media, to appreciate what they like to cover and the types of thought leaders they want to quote or feature on TV. When she isn’t working, she does Pilates, follows a nutritarian lifestyle and enjoys everything NYC offers.

And yes, Liz happens to know quite a lot about pet products, so if you ever need a recommendation for a treat or toy, let her know!