Mary Smith

Vice President
Public Relations

Why I Love My Job
I love working with a group of talented public relations professionals who have a shared passion for delivering effective results for our clients.

Professionally Speaking

Mary is a dedicated public relations and marketing professional who enjoys crafting and tailoring messages that yield results for her clients. From writing press releases and drafting nominations to engaging with key stakeholders to discuss goals, Mary provides detailed strategies to meet the specific needs of each client. She understands the challenges our clients face in increasing their visibility in a market or industry and wants to help connect the dots to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Before joining Jaffe, Mary worked in public relations for more than 10 years for one of the 100 largest law firms in the country, where she developed numerous processes and reports to increase efficiency, obtain leadership involvement, and pinpoint areas of strategic focus for public relations and rankings efforts.

Favorite Interests

College football aficionado with a passion for cooking, reading, traveling, and raising two sweet and sassy girls.

Personally Speaking

While Mary never made the leap to being a professional chef, she loves to cook and believes that, much like public relations, quality ingredients yield the best results. She loves to entertain — whether for a two-year–old’s birthday or a large holiday gathering, Mary believes there’s nothing better than a room full of laughter. A native Memphian, Mary loves her city and all it has to offer, from the beautiful zoo to the delicious barbecue. She’s a huge sports fan in general and a Penn State fanatic. On Saturdays in the fall, she can be found glued to the TV, trying to teach her daughters about the gloriousness that is college football.