Melanie Trudeau

Vice President
Digital Marketing

Why I Love My Job
I’m an analyst and problem solver. At Jaffe, I use these skills every day and love the sense of accomplishment when a client's issue is resolved.

Professionally Speaking

As Jaffe’s digital marketing strategist, Melanie helps improve clients’ online visibility. Whether it’s a firm website, a social media channel or an email marketing program, a firm’s digital presence dictates how potential and existing clients find and interact with the corporate brand online. By combining content marketing, SEO tactics, email campaigns and social media strategies, she develops an integrated digital marketing formula best suited to each client to provide exponential impact.

With a strong background in Google Analytics and other online measurement tools, Melanie begins from the ground up, determining goals and key performance indicators. Custom reporting allows her to work with clients to track the success of initiatives and adjust tactics where appropriate. Through data analysis, she constructs creative marketing strategies that lead to increased visibility for professional services companies.

Melanie was recognized by the National Law Review in 2019 and 2022 as a NLR Go-To Thought Leader for her legal marketing articles, focusing on attorneys and social media. 



"Building Data Visualizations with Google Data Studio"
Presenter, Legal Marketing Association, Ohio Local Group (virtual), September 20, 2022

"Crisis Communications & Social Media Essentials for Turbulent Times"
Panelist, Legal Marketing Association, PR & Communications SIG and Social & Digital Media SIG, March 16, 2021

“Data Visualization: Build Beautiful Reports with Google’s Data Studio”
Presenter, Legal Marketing Association: 
Phoenix Chapter, November 14, 2018
Denver Chapter, November 13, 2018
New Orleans/Baton Rouge Chapter, June 26, 2018
Houston Chapter, May 10, 2018
Austin Chapter, May 9, 2018

"Getting Ahead of Your Next Social Media Crisis"
Panelist, Legal Marketing Association Midwest Region, February 14, 2018

"It's Time to Rethink Social Media"
Moderator, Legal Marketing Association Eastern Canada Region Conference, 2017

"A Tale of Two Law Firms: How to Build a Custom Content Marketing Program"
Presenter, Legal Marketing Association International – Webinar,
Legal Marketing Association – LMA Philadelphia Conference, 2016; St. Louis Chapter, 2016

"Understanding Analytics: Turning Statistics into Strategy"
Presenter, Legal Marketing Association – Chicago Chapter, 2012; Indianapolis Chapter, 2012

Favorite Interests

Skiing, mountain biking, hiking, perusing libraries, riding fast rollercoasters, adventuring with my daughters, enjoying good food and wine, listening to NPR

Personally Speaking

I’m a part thrillseeker and part homebody who values quality time with close friends and family. My technophile side allows me to simplify my life so I have more time to play. Even though I have multiple devices, I still like to read from a “real” book instead of a tablet. Gym memberships don’t work for me – I’d rather be outside where exercise isn’t contrived and my dog can tag along. Powder days are the best thing on the planet, especially on bluebird-sky days.