Rebekah Alford

Digital Marketer

Why I Love My Job
My job entails a perfect blend of creative and technical requirements.

Professionally Speaking

With a background in websites, design, IT, management and communications, Rebekah has worn many hats over the last 13 years. Her experience in these roles has given her a comprehensive knowledge base, allowing her to look at a task from multiple viewpoints and bring her skillset to a wide range of projects.

Rebekah has experience in working with WordPress, Drupal, Omni and Plone content management systems, and is knowledgeable in HTML and CSS. She also has a background in design, including websites, graphics, newsletters and publications, as well as video production.

Favorite Interests

Spending time with family and friends, cooking, architecture and design, photography, and being outside in nature.

Personally Speaking

Rebekah values spending time with her family, especially her son. Most of her interests revolve around being his #1 fan. 

Any free time beyond that tends to be dedicated to the pursuit of peace (after chasing a toddler around), so she goes to local parks and gardens several times a week to recharge and find inspiration. Rebekah’s position at Jaffe also provides her with great opportunities to nourish her creative side.

While she may not find a lot of time to watch movies and TV shows these days, she always manages to watch the “British Baking Show” on Netflix during the holidays. Otherwise, Rebekah is watching Bluey and the Lego movie on repeat.