Rodney Warner

Vice President
Content Strategy

Why I Love My Job
I’m a storyteller by nature. That’s how I make a living. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Professionally Speaking

Rodney has been telling stories all his life. He can tell your story, too.

As a reporter, Rodney told radio listeners about one of the country’s biggest industrial fires of the year and the latest local board of education decisions. When he worked as a paralegal, he told his client’s story through discovery responses in mass toxic tort litigation.  Rodney wrote conclusions of his investigations into employment discrimination claims and told his client’s story in a child custody matter while practicing law.

As a freelance writer, Rodney created blogs, articles and website content for law firms ranging from solo practitioners to one with 22 offices worldwide that recently earned more than $1 billion in revenue in a year.

Thanks to the depth and scope of his experience as a communicator, Rodney works effectively with our clients to educate their website visitors through interesting and compelling content. He also writes about why our clients should be trusted with important matters, how they help others and the good they do.

I can help you...

  • Get the most from your investment in your firm’s website.
  • Reap the rewards of effective content marketing, which is all about telling the right story the right way.
  • Attract the attention and interest of the people you want as clients.
  • Inspire prospective clients to do more than just read about you — they also might give your firm a phone call or send you an email in response.
  • Articulate what makes your firm different from your competition.
  • Keep your existing clients connected to you.

Favorite Interests

Rodney rides his bike along the Delaware River as it rolls through Bucks County, Pennsylvania; cooks for friends; and loves hearing a good story.

Personally Speaking

Rodney and his family are seeing the country through a quest to attend a game in every major league baseball stadium (18 down, 12 to go). Which one is his favorite? “They all have their own personalities. Some are very special, others not so much. Yankee Stadium is the worst. There’s nothing to like about the Yankees,” Rodney says.

Rodney has worked with friends and family to raise money for pediatric and blood cancer research. His family co-hosts an annual fundraiser for a local organization that helps children and teens who are being treated for cancer or their friends or families are dealing with the disease. Fundraising has taught Rodney that persistence and teamwork, along with an effective message, can yield positive results for causes that matter.