Steph Maher

Senior Vice President
Marketing & Social Media

Why I Love My Job
I help incredibly smart people make authentic connections through genuine storytelling. The trust they place in me rocks my world!

Professionally Speaking

Most people have a Hollywood-influenced view of legal practitioners — that arrogant, intimidating courtroom shark ready to pounce on a forgotten fact or misspoken word — one that doesn’t include the heart of service and genuine love of their craft inherent to truly successful attorneys.

Steph elevates the real attorney profile by encouraging them to lead with their heart in every social media interaction, blog post, podcast episode, news release, article and presentation. This does mean she has to ask some fairly blunt questions, but the result is always client-centric and solutions-oriented, demonstrating a knowledge of the industry and emphasizing a collaborative approach to legal counsel.

Steph honed her marketing, communications and business development skills over 16-plus years and in firms of every headcount, where she witnessed the very real need to address inequities in law firm life. She is most proud of her work in the diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging space, because it immediately benefits those she serves now and improves reality for those she will serve in the future. It is her long-held belief that when we are fully present in every aspect of our lives, the world around us becomes a truly spectacular place to be.

Favorite Interests

The Pivot Syndicate, voice acting, powerlifting, travel and entrepreneurism.

Personally Speaking

Steph is a life-long learner who takes pride in having teachers from every walk of life, age group, experience level and philosophical leaning. She believes that if she isn’t learning a new skill, she’s learning the best way to share one she’s been taught.

Whether it’s pulling a 300-pound deadlift in competition, tackling the Korean and Mandarin languages, or leading the personal and professional reinvention conversation central to her own podcast, Steph is determined to eradicate limiting beliefs that hinder the accomplishment of goals or realization of dreams. When she applies this approach to her clients’ social media strategy, their virtual outreach features the authentic voice of each attorney and of their firms — and results in more genuine connections, both virtually and in real time.