Susan C. Freeman

Senior Vice President
Marketing & Business Development

Bay Area, California
Why I Love My Job
Effective business development ensures both parties feel good about process and outcome. I love what I do because I teach the tools that facilitate both.

Professionally Speaking

Susan brings more than 20 years of marketing, business development and relationship sales experience to Jaffe.

At Jaffe, Susan helps professional services firms communicate effectively to develop relationships that result in new business. She teaches a combination of hard skills and soft skills; the IQ and EQ needed to be successful. Her training programs, which include seminars, webinars and one-on-one coaching, enable professionals to use client-centric insights to assess needs and identify solutions that meet strategic business goals. Susan’s programs apply insights from Myers-Briggs, used to determine preferred communication styles, overlaid with an understanding of innate gender-specific strengths and opportunities related to communication. Programs include Gender Bias & Gender-based Communication, Pitching v. Proposing & Procurement’s Role, Building Reputation v. Building Relationships, and Client Service as a Business Development Strategy.

Her background also includes marketing, business development and client service management positions in law firms and with legal services providers. Susan earned her Master’s degree in Communications from Hawaii Pacific University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Journalism from Louisiana State University.

I can help you...

  • Frame goals based on common ground
  • Attune your communication so your intended message reaches your audience
  • Gather meaningful client feedback while demonstrating credibility and connecting emotionally
  • Close with grace and shared advantages, becoming a trusted partner to clients
  • Engage in ongoing, excellent client service

Favorite Interests

Legal Marketing Association, Legal Sales and Service Organization, the Commonwealth Club, the CLUB of Silicon Valley, Ellevate, and International Association of Women.

Personally Speaking

Susan’s interest in helping women succeed surfaced as she co-founded “Women’s Business Connection” and “Girl Power.” Susan also presented for the “Girls in Politics” Initiative, a program created to introduce girls to politics, policy and the work of the three branches of federal government. Susan is also a Lean In Circle Leader, as well as a member of the Lean In Leaders’ Circle. Her enthusiasm for the benefits of building meaningful relationships has made her a great connector. She excels at building — and teaching others how to build — meaningful relationships.

Susan helps professionals communicate effectively to develop relationships that result in new business. Clients benefit from her knowledge of communication theories; her research for her master’s thesis, “Develop or Die: Transitioning from a Practice of Law to a Business of Law”; and her market research knowledge in the litigation arena.

Susan has worked with some of the most prestigious law firms and financial services institutions in the world. She has lived in Louisiana, Switzerland, Italy, Massachusetts, Hawaii and California. Throughout her sojourns, she has developed a large, interconnected circle. Susan lives in the Bay Area with her husband, Mike Futrell, and their son, James.