Terry M. Isner

Branding & Business Development

Why I Love My Job
The fact that my job is to be innovative, creative, playfully strategic and visually hypersensitive regarding everything I do is like never having to grow up.

Professionally Speaking

A marketing philosopher, brand consultant and dynamic speaker for the professional services industry, Terry M. Isner is known as “the empathy man” because of his humanistic approach to business strategy. Whereas many business professionals overlook compassion as part of the branding equation, Terry believes humanism is essential to a business’ success in today’s socially conscious environment. As Terry says, “If humanity gets left out of the board room, nobody wins.”

In the world of professional services marketing, Terry fulfills a niche as a business strategist with an extensive background as an award-winning creative director and artist. This unique mix of creative and analytical thinking makes him more likely to set trends than follow them. In fact, Terry often draws inspiration from other industries to formulate new approaches to professional services marketing, PR and branding. He also stays current on the latest trends in technology to devise ways to leverage innovation to advance brands. And with his flair for showmanship, his presentations have been described as inspiring, fast-paced and entertaining.

Terry’s philosophical approach to business is just that – a philosophy. Bringing concepts such as creativity, inclusion and compassion into corporate culture is a reflection of the world we live in. Firms that fail to be cognizant of such issues risk damage to their reputations and devaluation of their brands. Terry helps preserve brand equity by helping firms adapt to these changing times and sharing their unique stories in creative ways across multiple channels, including print, digital and social media. He also uses his passion and expertise to empower marketers to be effective agents of change within their own organizations and help drive their firm’s sales, branding and culture.

Increasingly, employees desire an employer that emphasizes a culture of diversity and compassion. This trend is accelerating as significant generational shifts ignite change in the workplace. Terry specializes in helping firms maintain a cohesive culture and navigate generational change through creative internal campaigns, unique team-building activities and community engagement opportunities that foster camaraderie at all levels. He also advises on external messaging and brand revisions when significant changes occur – such as leadership succession – to ensure client relationships and firm reputations are maintained.

Lawdragon top 100 recipient 2016 - 2024



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Favorite Interests

Scuba diving, surfing, painting, traveling, watching my three daughters become their own individuals, gardening, and sharing our beach town with my husband, our friends and family.

Personally Speaking

When he’s not lending his ingenuity to client campaigns and leading Jaffe through the changing legal marketing environment, Terry can often be found at his easel, bringing a different kind of vision to life. Through his years of experience as a painter, he has honed his ability to communicate even the most complex and abstract ideas visually. It is this same artistic eye that gives Terry an inventive perspective on legal marketing.

He also is an avid waterman and enjoys scuba diving, riding the waves and paddle-boarding near his home in the oceanfront community of Rehoboth Beach, DE. It is in the water where creative inspiration often strikes Terry. He also enjoys giving back by supporting charitable causes such as CAMP Rehoboth, the Special Olympics, HeART of the Community and the American Heart Association.