Accounting Firm Rankings, Lists and Awards — Get Recognized

Your accountants are topnotch and your firm is regarded as one of the best — but how can you set them and your firm apart? How can you make sure everyone knows? Third-party validation can provide this credibility.

To achieve such credibility, your firm’s business development strategy should include a rankings plan. Accounting and business rankings showcase your firm’s strengths relative to your competition. They also provide objective third-party endorsement of your accountants’ work. However, marketers and firm management often lack the time it takes to identify, execute and leverage rankings, so important opportunities can fall by the wayside — but Jaffe can help.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Help you build a rankings program.
  • Identify relevant ranking opportunities for your firm and accountants.
  • Manage the rankings submission process.
  • Leverage your rankings successes throughout all marketing and public relations channels.

Showcase your firm’s strengths through a comprehensive rankings strategy.

How Jaffe Can Help

Utilizing our decades of experience in law firm rankings, we have developed a comprehensive database of credible accounting rankings and awards that your firm can rely on to build validation and credibility. Jaffe’s RankingsForAccountants® is a first-of-its-kind rankings service. We track national, state and local accounting and business rankings.

Our work doesn’t stop once you are honored with a ranking, award or recognition. As a full-service marketing and public relations agency for accounting firms, the RankingsForAccountants® team collaborates with our senior-level public relations, marketing and content professionals to leverage your accolades across the most-appropriate marketing and public relations channels.

If your firm is new to rankings and you are looking to build a long-term, sustainable rankings program, the Jaffe RankingsForAccountants® team can help. We have assisted firms with building programs that are unique to their needs and can be managed internally. We can help you develop templates for collecting data for rankings submissions, optimizing reference lists, and creating a workflow from nomination drafting through submission and tracking.

In 2020, we built a comprehensive database of credible accounting rankings and awards.

Accounting Firm Rankings Reports

The firms and accountants most-qualified for recognition are often too busy to undertake the intimidating task of identifying and tracking relevant rankings opportunities or finding the time to prioritize and complete submissions for those opportunities. Jaffe’s RankingsForAccountants® team will review your firm’s public relations, marketing and business development goals, and develop a customized rankings report tailored to your firm. We analyze your strategic business goals and compare these with our constantly growing rankings database to identify the most-relevant rankings for your firm. Our rankings team also constantly monitors channels and outlets for credible new rankings, and we can advise you on the validity and relevance of opportunities sent directly to you and your team.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Review your marketing, public relations and business goals to develop a customized rankings report.
  • Prioritize rankings opportunities.
  • Monitor and evaluate the rankings landscape.

We provide tailored, customized rankings reports to enhance your firm’s public relations, marketing and business development goals.

Accounting Firm Rankings Submissions

Crafting compelling rankings submissions is often a complicated project involving parties throughout your firm. Even one submission can be a big undertaking. This is where the Jaffe RankingsForAccountants® team steps in. Our team maintains ongoing contact with rankings publications and organizations to understand what information is most-relevant and provides this intelligence to our clients. With the help of our content service providers, the RankingsForAccountants® team develops persuasive submissions by handling everything from information collection to submission drafting and interfacing with the researchers, all while answering your questions throughout the process.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Save you time and effort by simplifying the rankings submission process.
  • Interact with rankings researchers throughout the submission process.

We develop persuasive submissions for our clients and answer any questions that arise along the way.

Leveraging Your Rankings Successes

Achieving a prestigious ranking or mention on a key list is a tremendous accomplishment. However, Jaffe knows that getting recognized is just the beginning. Leveraging such accolades through integrated marketing and public relations efforts is crucial to your business development strategy.

Jaffe has a multidisciplinary team of public relations, content, digital and creative service experts who can develop a custom strategy to promote your rankings successes throughout all channels, including your firm’s website, email, social media and media relations. Our goal is to improve your visibility with key decision-makers to increase the return on your rankings investment.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Develop an integrated strategy to promote your rankings successes.
  • Execute the strategy through all channels.
  • Increase rankings ROI by promoting attorney thought leadership.