Know yourself.

Jaffe embarks on a brand and/or cultural discovery: a deep dive into what makes your law firm unique. For a brand discovery, we conduct a competitive analysis to deliver a comprehensive branding and positioning strategy that spells out your firm’s identity. This identity directs future marketing activities and tells clients and prospects what makes you distinct from the competition. For a cultural discovery, we talk to internal stakeholders from throughout your organization to get candid perceptions that create an authentic picture of your organization’s current values and culture.


Express yourself.

Jaffe distills complex brand concepts into taglines and messaging statements you can incorporate into all of your firm’s marketing assets. This consistency gives uniformity to a firm’s marketing activities and helps emphasize your firm’s primary attributes to clients and prospects. We also can craft brand stories that capture, through narrative, the genesis and mission of the firm.


Be recognizable.

Jaffe’s creative team distills the complexities of a law firm’s brand into a selection of visual assets, including style guides, color palettes and logos, to create consistency across all firm materials. With a memorable visual identity, your firm will raise its marketplace visibility and become a brand that is easily recognized by industry professionals and prospective clients.


Empower others.

Corporate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives that are authentic and meaningful are critical to creating a more equitable society. Jaffe provides law firms and other clients with a variety of DEI services, including internal assessments, strategic planning, affinity group formation, recruitment marketing and diversity-related award submissions, among other services.