Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing has taken over the legal industry like wildfire. While not new, lawyers and legal marketers are embracing storytelling as a tool to influence everything from branding and marketing to business development and PR. But where should a firm begin? The answer is with law firm content strategy. Jaffe’s team of strategists work with you to get all the pieces in place for a quality content marketing program. We can help your law firm identify a unique branded voice, develop style guides and editorial calendars, and create processes to build and manage your entire content ecosystem, including websites, blogs, e-newsletters and social media.  

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Develop a custom content strategy.
  • Build and guide the development of various content platforms.
  • Write custom branding and style guides.
  • Create editorial calendars to guide content development for each platform.

Jaffe will conduct a comprehensive audit to assess your current content assets.

Law Firm SEO Consulting

Not only is search engine optimization (SEO) one of the most technical areas of digital marketing, but it also is one of the most critical. In a business environment dominated by the Internet, your law firm’s position in search results can have a direct impact on business development and reputation. Our law firm digital strategy and content marketing teams work together to optimize your digital content to help maximize its impact. We also audit and assess your digital assets to provide strategic guidance on how to improve your law firm’s online visibility through a combination of onsite optimization, content creation, social media marketing, public relations and other proven techniques.

What Jaffe can do for you:

  • Audit and assess your law firm’s SEO metrics.
  • Conduct a thorough SEO competitive analysis.
  • Develop custom keyword lists to inform your content strategy.
  • Provide strategic guidance to improve visibility in search engines.