Digital Strategy

Map out your plan.

Jaffe can help align your business objectives with your digital efforts by assessing and reviewing your current digital footprint, activities and analytics to develop a strategy to maximize your ROI and help you achieve online marketing success. From creating website content that increases organic search traffic to deploying custom social media campaigns, we aim to create integrated digital strategies that increase reach, engagement and trust while leveraging efficiencies.

Website Design & Development

Build it, and they will come.

Your firm’s website is arguably the most critical marketing, PR and business development asset in your firm’s arsenal. Jaffe’s scalable website services can help you polish up an existing website to give it a refresh or completely reconstruct a new one from the ground up. We also provide user-experience (UX) audits and recommendations to ensure your website is optimized for a seamless client journey.

Email Marketing

Stay in touch.

Managing relationships is essential to business development success. Jaffe helps you stay in touch with prospects, clients and other stakeholders by creating touchpoints beyond your website through email marketing, from client alerts to practice-specific and firmwide newsletters.

SEO Consulting

Gain authority.

Jaffe dispels the mystery behind search engine optimization (SEO) by providing expert guidance about how to help increase your law firm’s online visibility. We leverage SEO best practices as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy to help increase search-engine placement for relevant keywords and drive organic search traffic — and potential new clients — to your website.

Digital Advertising

Target with precision.

Digital advertising, such as paid social media ads and online display ads, allows law firms to narrowly target specific audiences based on a variety of data points. Jaffe handles the audience research, ad development and targeting needed to generate the greatest benefit for your digital ad dollars.